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Irrigation water ON 

Board Meetings - 
  • Next Board Meeting: TBD September 2018 7:00pm 
  • Next Annual Meeting will be: May 2018 7:00 PM @ Middleton Fire Station

All homeowners are welcome to attend. RSVP is a must for space planning. Only board members will actively participate in regular meetings. However, persons desiring to be heard on issues/concerns, can request in advance to be added to the meeting agenda. Please contact Snake River HOA Management 208-855-0505 for location and time and to be placed on the agenda.

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Snake River HOA Management (208) 855-0505
Erik Sprengel, manager  erik@snakeriverhoa.com

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Due to the hot temperatures, the algae blooms are happening more frequently. When the algae is treated, the debris flows downstream, clogging the pump and sprinkler filters. The pump filter will be getting cleaned twice a day while the algae is actively blooming. Homeowners are encouraged to check their sprinkler filters frequently, especially if experiencing low pressure.